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The highly-anticipated film from the producers of the off-Broadway hit play, Justice on Trial. The film is set to release February 16, 2020, in select theaters nationwide.

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About Justice On Trial: The Movie

Two civil rights attorneys sue the U.S. Department of Justice for reparations and damages done to African Americans while bringing back time-traveler witnesses to testify.


The evidence is then given to a mixed-cultural jury, to deliberate.

The movie will feature various actors including, Dr. Chad Lawson Cooper, Alicia Robinson CooperDorien Wilson, and David Arquilla. The film also includes actor Todd Bridges.

Actor Dorian Wilson and other characters from Justice on Trial, aim to bring more awareness to the importance of the film.

Justice On Trial: The Movie 20/20 was produced by Chad Lawson Cooper (The Chad Cooper Company), Andrea Holmes Thompkins, and Burke Management. The film was directed by Mann Robinson and Metro Wealth Films.



Professor Boomer



Attorney Black



Watch in-depth interviews about the making of Justice On Trial The Movie 20/20

Interview with Neechy

In this interview, celebrity designer and influencer, Neechy, sits down with Dr. Chad Lawson Cooper, to discuss several aspects in regards to his new film, Justice on Trial: The Movie 20/20. 

Dr. Cooper breaks down the movie and his motivation and reasoning for producing the film, which is an adaptation of his stage play.

Interview with Tamara Johnson Shealey

In this interview, Dr. Chad Lawson Cooper chats with 2020 Candidate, United States Senate (GA), Miss Tamara Johnson Shealey, to dive deep into Justice On Trial: The Movie 20/20.

This interview was live-streamed on Periscope.

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